Compulsive Nail Stripes Review

Hello guys. Today I have another review for you. This time I’ll be reviewing some nail polish stripes from Compulsive Nails. The fonder, Alexandra asked me if I wanted to try some of them, and after giving it some thought, I said yes.

Alexandra told me that their nail polish stripes are made from real nail polish. Besides they are vegan and never tested on animals + 3 free. It all sounds good right? But let’s talk more about the application.

So, these stripes are supposed to be flexible and easy to apply. I cleaned my nails with nail polish remover and applied the stripes directly on my nails. Then I filed the access stripes off and applied one layer of top coat, and then another layer of matte top coat, since I wanted a matte finish.

I really liked the application of these stripes. They were very easy to use and since there’s 20 stripes, there’s most likely some that are going to fit your nails. My thumbs are very big, so even the biggest stripes didn’t cover them up completely, but that’s a personal problem I guess. I can’t say much about the durability of these. I wore these stripes for a day and a half, since I can’t help but to pick at my stripes. On the website it says that they can last for 5-10 days. When I wore them, they looked completely fine. There was a bit of tip wear, but that’s okay. If you don’t have to wash dishes or something like that, I think that these can last for a week, if you apply a layer of top coat from time to time.

I have to admit that I'm not the type of person, who uses stripes like this often. I like changing my nail polish after 1-2 days, but from time to time I get busy and for those occasions, nail stripes are perfect. You have nail art on your fingers in 5-10 minutes, but it looks like you’ve spent 5 hours on doing your nails. If you want to wear the same design for a week or you need a design for a day, where you don’t have time to do your nails, then I can recommend you these stripes from compulsive nails.

You can find them online on, where they cost around $9. I’ve seen pricier stripes, so I guess that this price is quite reasonable. Alexandra told me that they do ship worldwide. Within the US shipping costs $1.50 and international shipping is supposed to be around $3.00.

These stripes were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 

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