piCture pOlish - Big Bang

Polish recieved for review 

Hey guys,

Today I have a quick swatch of piCture pOlishes’ Big Bang. Big Bang was created with Faustine from La NPA Mouton.

It’s really hard to describe this shade… it’s kind of a burple, but definitely more purple than blue. It’s filled with scatter holo and very pretty flakies! If you ask me, it’s a quite unique piCture pOlish shade.

The first coat was a little bit sheer, but it was opaque in two fine coats.

I think that Faustine did a great job creating a pretty shade - you won't need to do galaxy nails with this pretty little thing! 

So what do you guys think?

Take care,


As mentioned, this polish was received for review by nailthemail.com, but as always I'm 100% honest! 

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