a little stamp and studs

Products received for review
Hey guys,

Today I have a review of some nail art products from ladyqueen, which is a new nail art shop. They told me I could choose a few things, so I chose a stamping plate and some studs.

The stamping plate I chose is this one with various geometric and cute patterns. I really like this one and I decided to make a gradient stamp with some of my Barry M polishes. I also combined this design with these gold studs. I think it’s an interesting combination.

I also got the studs in silver, which I used as something extra for a swatch of Essie’s Maximillian Strasse Her.

The products I received were quite good and I don’t really have anything bad to say! I’m especially loving the studs, since I haven’t seen them anywhere else. If you’re interested in buying something you can use my coupon code which you can find down below.

What do you guys think of these designs?

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